AIRM Practice Group

Would you like to learn through practice all the steps of the Attachment Injury Repair Model (AIRM)?

Perhaps you know all the steps, but feel unsure when and how to use them in your work with couples?

The AIRM Practice Group with Kamila Kaminska, a certified EFT Supervisor and Therapist, will be welcoming new participants in May 2024!

There have been five AIRM Practice Groups to date with participants from three continents, all joined by their passion to become more helpful to couples struggling with the aftermath of Attachment Injuries. YOU'RE WARMLY WELCOMED TO JOIN THE NEXT GROUP starting in May 2024!

What will you learn and practice?

Session 1: Introduction to AIRM and its key concepts. Interventions in Stage 1 when Attachment Injury (AI) is present.

Session 2: Stage 2, AIRM and general EFT map. AIRM Steps 1 & 2, practice of each step.

Session 3: AIRM Steps 3 & 4, practice of each step. Summary of AIRM Phase 1: De-escalation related to the AI.

Session 4: AIRM Steps 5 & 6, practice of each step. Summary of AIRM Phase 2: Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

Session 5: AIRM Steps 7 & 8, practice of each step. Summary of AIRM Phase 3: Consolidation. Experiencing Scale during AIRM.

Session 6: Review of AIRM, common clinical issues and impasses, practice of a chosen AIRM step.

Before each meeting I support my course participants with a selection of articles related to AIRM and YouTube talks. During every session I share a lovingly crafted presentation, a fragment of a video or I model a role-play to help you get started in your practice sets. At the end I facilitate reflections and questions time. Sharing my passion and knowledge of AIRM in an environment that enables participants to feel safe, seen and heard is my top priority.

When and where?

Next group starts in May 2024. We will meet twice a month from May until July. Sessions are held online via Zoom.

Dates and time:

02 and 23.05, 11:30am - 1:30pm GMT

06 and 27.06, 11:30am - 1:30pm GMT

11 and 25.07, 11:30am - 1:30pm GMT

Time commitment?

Every session will last 2 hrs with approximately 30 mins for practice during role plays.

Every participant can expect at least 10 minutes of being in the role of therapist during each session.

There will be optional additional reading materials to read at home between the sessions.


£50 per session, total cost is £300, payable when enrolling.

Cancellation policy: 50% of the fee is returned for cancellations 1 month before the new group starts. Beyond this period, no fees are returned.

Participants from the previous AIRM Practice Groups said:

"Kamila has beautifully welcoming teaching style."


"Kamila's AIRM training course was packed full of brilliant insights and useful information. It was also structured in a way that gave me a solid grounding in the model. I know feel I have a great roadmap for working with attachment injuries in my couples, whereas before I felt I lacked the necessary tools. I would recommend this course to any clinicians working with couples."


"It felt so safe to be able to practice."


"Kamila clearly knows this model inside out and offers clear, straightforward tips and techniques to better grasp and practically apply it."

Please contact me to sign up or ask any questions.

Individual and Group Supervision Online

I am a dedicated certified EFT Supervisor, working online with therapists from all over the world.

Currently, I offer individual supervision online on weekday evenings. Please contact me to find out how I can help your EFT practice and development.

Group and individual supervision

My supervisees tell me that I have a warm, supportive and friendly manner. Some of them say that sessions have been enlightening. Personally, I feel very happy to see my supervisees expanding their EFT competencies, feeling more confident and, with practice, getting certified by ICEEFT.

My aspiration is that supervision with me, whether as an individual or in a group setting, provides a positive, nurturing environment for growing as an EFT therapist. I adhere to ACES supervision model, which means that together with the supervisee we establish whether the issue they bring is about





or a mixture of the above. Once we know what to focus on, we roll our sleeves up - watch therapy tapes, discuss sessions, do role-plays, practice interventions and share resources for further development.

What I bring into the supervision is a unique blend of various professional skills and knowledge - EFT, EMDR and a deepened understanding of modern Attachment Theory through studying MSc in Attachment Studies. I have a particular interest in working with couples who experienced developmental trauma or issues around conception (IVF, infertility, miscarriage). In 2016 I represented Global Perinatal Initiative at the World Family Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in 2017 I co-organised a conference "Mental Health Starts in The Womb". The subject of perinatal mental health has been close to my heart ever since. In 2021 I completed CARE-Index course, which is a highly skilled technique for analysing short videotaped play interactions between babies and their caregivers. This training, inadvertently, enhanced my capacity to notice and "decode" all the nuance and subtleties in videotaped interactions between couples during EFT therapy sessions.

You can contact me here for more details.