Couples Therapy Online

"I help couples learn to stay in difficult conversations so they can really communicate and strengthen their connection." (R. Jorgensen, EFT Trainer)

This is also what I offer couples in Online Therapy sessions. Online couples counselling can be a life-line for couples who cannot access an Emotionally Focused Therapist where they live or work. My online sessions follow virtually identical process as face-to-face appointments. You can expect the same results from online therapy as if you were with me in the office.

The advantages of online couples therapy

- It is secure. Every session is encrypted and confidential.

- It is easy to set up and access. All you need is a stable internet connection and a private space where you and your partner can talk freely.

- It fits a busy lifestyle. Online couples therapy can help you to improve or repair your relationship wherever you are.

With online couples therapy you can access professional help wherever you are and resolve difficulties in your relationship.

Consistency and commitment to the process are key to successful couples therapy. To get the most benefit out of online couples counselling, I recommend that both partners are in the same place during online sessions. However, occasional three-way video meetings can also be effective.

“The strongest among us are those who can reach for others.”